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Wheatbelt mother and son

Neighbours to Robin and Robert, Margaret Scally lives in Goodlands, on the northern edge of the Wheatbelt in Western Australia with her two sons. It’s not the easiest place to find but we spotted their ‘mailboxes’ next to the road sign bearing their name. Standing at her back door with views across to ‘the hills’, Mt Singleton and Mt Gibson, Margaret told us of her earliest memory - aged around five, being given the last rites by the priest when she had “the black measles”.

Wheatbelt father and son portraits

Now 77, Robin’s life has not always been easy but it’s been full of love. Emerging from the school principal’s office after getting “the cuts” for wolf-whistling at her, Robin first saw his “Princess”, Kaye as she walked across the schoolyard. “You know when you’ve seen an angel” he told me. Knowing he’d got a keeper, Robin asked her father if he could marry her six times before he gained approval…

Family portraits in the Wheatbelt

We’ve had a blast the last few days camping on fellow photographer Jo Ashworth’s family farm on the northern edge of the Wheatbelt. Jo really wanted some portraits of the family that truly reflected them day-to-day so between exploring the farm, photographing some wonderful characters in the district, and sharing stories around their kitchen table and our campfire, we squeezed in this photo session.

Elachbutting Rock, Mukinbudin

We caught up with our great mate Tony Docherty out a Elachbutting Rock, north of Mukinbudin in the Wheatbelt a few days ago. He’d been taking part in the annual bird survey near Bullfinch and was heading back to Freo. He’d been sleeping in his swag under the stars for a week and had clearly been using any fresh water for rehydrating rather than washing! Jazzy was pretty happy to discover her own pool of freshwater on top of the rock.

Artist and designer Robert McCaffrey

It’s a week ago today we found ourselves in the small country town of Kellerberrin on the Great Eastern Highway. One moment we were standing on the dusty pavement as a road train trundled past on its way to Kalgoorlie, the next we were in a room, grand in its scale, and opulent in its contents, with warm hues, 14ft high ceilings and Mary and Joseph towering above us either side of the antique sideboard. We were in the home of artist, menswear designer and TAFE lecturer Robert McCaffrey. His home is a work of art in its own right - eclectic and diverse, it was an outward expression of all that is Robert.

Lives Well Lived, Bruce Rock Part 1

Veronica was the first person I met in Bruce Rock when I took refuge in the craft shop from the torrential downpour. Veronica was behind the counter, crocheting a blanket and up for a chat. I was struck by her energy and how active she is in the community - volunteering in the craft shop, helping out on the local newspaper, and a self-appointed chauffeur for her friends who can no longer drive, she also crochets blankets and makes greetings cards which her son sells in his shop in Alice Springs.

Bruce Rock, Wheatbelt WA

We rolled into Bruce Rock a week ago, with no plan, just as the Wheatbelt’s long dry spell was broken by a heavy downpour and storm. The sleepy town centre has a row of maybe a dozen shops on one side - one shop is a cafe, as well as the butchers and the bakery. 

Annie and Lindsay at home in Lake Grace

Annie and her artist daughter Michelle were two of the first people we met when we came to do a recce in Lake Grace prior to our week long North of Us project almost a decade ago. They spent the day showing us around, and helped us find the perfect spot to set up camp. If you know of any lovely Oldies between Lake Grace and Bruce Rock (via Corrigin) we’ll be in the area for the next week or so and would love some suggestions :-)

Stock photos for Walkers Vineyard

Based a few kilometres north of Lake Grace, Tania and Jared own the most inland vineyard in WA and they needed photos for their website, social media and marketing. I spent an hour there one morning at sunrise and another hour at lunchtime over the weekend. At the end of that time they had a varied collection of images which now make up their very own stock library - this is just a very small selection of them. If you’re a small business in the Wheatbelt and would like to chat about getting a unique collection of photos, do get in touch :-)

Camping at Carnaby's - Lake Grace

As coast huggers used to the background white noise of the ocean, we’ve been acutely aware of the silence and any sound that breaks it. At sunrise it’s the rowdy galahs perched in the salmon gums, shouting at each other and the world, and at sunset as the wind picks up it’s the rustling of great strips of peeling bark and leaves of the trees around us.