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Yuin Station in the Murchison

We first met the Foulkes-Taylors, owners of Yuin Station, when we photographed Frances and David’s wedding at Wooleen Station two years ago. Since then I’ve been following Emma on Instagram - @outbacklarder - in awe of the fresh produce she manages to grow in this dry and dusty land. On our way through to Murchison Settlement for the Anzac Day ceremony we spent a night at Yuin where three generations now call home…

Family portraits in the Wheatbelt

We’ve had a blast the last few days camping on fellow photographer Jo Ashworth’s family farm on the northern edge of the Wheatbelt. Jo really wanted some portraits of the family that truly reflected them day-to-day so between exploring the farm, photographing some wonderful characters in the district, and sharing stories around their kitchen table and our campfire, we squeezed in this photo session.