Commercial Photography Work

Although specialising in weddings and portraits, I also do a lot of commercial photography. Around the Great Southern I get to photograph vineyards at sunrise, and beautiful food created by talented local chefs, to behind the scenes captures of arts projects, and headshot for local business owners. I also love to travel  whether it’s to capture photo documentary images of Balinese coffee farmers or life in the shearing shed on an outback station. 

So whether you’re after studio-lit wine bottle images for your website, or your own 'stock library’ of images for social media, let’s chat!


"We had taken several photographers along with us on our annual harvest trip to Bali; some highly rated professionals and some accomplished “semi –pros”. However they never seemed to be able to capture the real flavour of the trip. Nic joined our group and immediately fitted right in. By putting people at ease, both western and Balinese, she was allowed a glimpse into their life which she captured beautifully through the lens. Great pictures drive the success of our website and we got more usable material from one trip with Nic than the previous 4 trips combined...and had more fun!!"   Shaughan Dunne, CEO Five Senses Coffee