Lives well lived

Lives Well Lived started out as a personal project but has become my passion.

As a professional photographer, I have worked through my midlife crisis by inviting myself into the lives of Denmark’s older folk. I may have arrived at their homes carrying only my camera but I left carrying far more than a handful of images as they shared with me their stories and wisdom. Stories of love and hope, of hardship and loss, and above all, stories of lives well lived. 

I hope I have photographed each person in a way that their families believe captures their personality and essence.

Through this project, I have had a growing appreciation of the importance of having beautiful images of our parents and grandparents. In our society we readily invest in photographs of weddings, beautiful mummas-to-be, babies and toddlers, and the family as they grow up. And rightly so. But we should not forget to capture photographs of family matriarchs and patriarchs so that they too can be framed and cherished by those who follow them. 

This is a celebration of parents, grandparents and lives well lived...acknowledging  the pioneers, visionaries, stalwarts, adventurers, valued family and community members, all with wisdom to share and stories to tell.

I will be taking this on the road over the coming months and years, so if you would like me to take some beautiful photos of the Elders in your life, do get in touch so we can chat about it.