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Warroora Station, my happy place

We’ve been wilderness camping at Warroora Station for years - it’s my happy place and a big part of our kids’ childhood memories. I’ve taken so many photos there over the years (including flying up specially to photograph shearing time), challenging myself to capture images that reflect how I feel as well as what I see... 

Camping at Wooleen Station

We set off on our meander through WA with no set time frame and no planned route. There was however a couple of places we knew we wanted to go which gave us a rough skeleton of a plan when we left home on the south coast of WA. Wooleen Station was one of those places. We’ve visited Wooleen a few times before, in fact we photographed Frances and David’s wedding a couple of years ago…

Elachbutting Rock, Mukinbudin

We caught up with our great mate Tony Docherty out a Elachbutting Rock, north of Mukinbudin in the Wheatbelt a few days ago. He’d been taking part in the annual bird survey near Bullfinch and was heading back to Freo. He’d been sleeping in his swag under the stars for a week and had clearly been using any fresh water for rehydrating rather than washing! Jazzy was pretty happy to discover her own pool of freshwater on top of the rock.

Camping at Carnaby's - Lake Grace

As coast huggers used to the background white noise of the ocean, we’ve been acutely aware of the silence and any sound that breaks it. At sunrise it’s the rowdy galahs perched in the salmon gums, shouting at each other and the world, and at sunset as the wind picks up it’s the rustling of great strips of peeling bark and leaves of the trees around us.