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Festival rehearsals at Warroora Station

Over the years I’ve taken hundreds of photos at Warroora Station and each time I try to capture it differently. This year I photographed circus performers at sunset - that was unexpected and definitely gave me the opportunity to photograph Warroora in a different way! Gascoyne in May is a coordinated circuit of festivals held annually across the region, and the performers were staying at Warroora Station’s Dudley House for a week of rehearsals before the Ningaloo Whale Shark Festival in Exmouth…

Artist and designer Robert McCaffrey

It’s a week ago today we found ourselves in the small country town of Kellerberrin on the Great Eastern Highway. One moment we were standing on the dusty pavement as a road train trundled past on its way to Kalgoorlie, the next we were in a room, grand in its scale, and opulent in its contents, with warm hues, 14ft high ceilings and Mary and Joseph towering above us either side of the antique sideboard. We were in the home of artist, menswear designer and TAFE lecturer Robert McCaffrey. His home is a work of art in its own right - eclectic and diverse, it was an outward expression of all that is Robert.