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Around Marble Bar

Marble Bar is officially Australia’s hottest town, holding the record with 161 consecutive days over 37.8C (100F). Fortunately it was a very manageable 32 degrees when we were there recently. This outback town is named for its jasper which the early explorers believed to be marble. There’s more photos of the jasper patterns and colours in an earlier blog post.

With a rich history of gold mining, Marble Bar still draws gold prospectors from far and wide, hoping to find their fortune.

Beautiful Bougainvillea in Carnarvon

There’s something so tropical about the bougainvillea - we started to see it everywhere once we reached Yalgoo and headed into station country. Whether it’s surrounding caravan parks in Carnarvon (especially the Capricorn Caravan Park) or brightening up run-down station yards and sheds, it puts on such a show. I think this is the first time I’ve ever tried to photograph them.