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Pilbara bush camp

When we were up in Wyndham I photographed some beautiful gouldian finches. That sparked a passion for bird photography so finding this little bush camp beside a billabong near Marble Bar was a real treat…the birdlife was phenomenal. I spent the late afternoon and early morning, standing as still as possible, observing and occasionally photographing the rainbow bee-eaters, white-plumed honeyeaters and the tiny black-fronted dotterels. It’s a steep learning curve photographing birds - and a big lesson in patience - but I’m loving it!

Industrial landscapes in Port Hedland

Living in Denmark and spending the last few months quietly meandering through the Wheatbelt and station country, approaching Port Hedland was an assault on the senses! The outback gave way to multi-lane highways, zigzagging railway tracks, a sky full of wires, and very large machinery operating everywhere you looked. In other words, plenty of new things to point my camera at!