All in Close-up

Wildlife in Wyndham

If you’re into your wildlife photography, add Wyndham to your list of Places to Go…from the cute rock wallabies at the Five Rivers Lookout, to the abundant waterbird life at Malgu Billabong; from colourful gouldian finches found right near the caravan park to the good old saltwater crocodiles found anywhere near water, Wyndham’s got it all.

Beautiful Bougainvillea in Carnarvon

There’s something so tropical about the bougainvillea - we started to see it everywhere once we reached Yalgoo and headed into station country. Whether it’s surrounding caravan parks in Carnarvon (especially the Capricorn Caravan Park) or brightening up run-down station yards and sheds, it puts on such a show. I think this is the first time I’ve ever tried to photograph them.