All in Personal

2015 AIPP WA Professional Portrait Photographer

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks escaping the south coast winter camping on a remote beach, washing in the ocean and cooking over a fire. By contrast, the 10 days prior to that I was in Perth, immersed in all-things Photography, firstly at the WA Epson Professional Photography Awards (WAEPPAs) and then at the AIPP’s annual gathering, The Nikon Event, which this year was held in Perth. The unquestionable highlight of these last three or four weeks was being named 2015 AIPP WA Professional Portrait Photographer, and also being presented with the coveted and prestigious John Whitfield King trophy which is awarded annually for best people photograph across all categories.

Station life

At the end of last month, I was fortunate enough to venture back to Warroora Station in Western Australia’s north-west, to photograph shearing time. I normally head up there with my family to escape the south coast winter for a few weeks each year.