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Salt Story Pt2 {portraits}


You may remember the earlier blog post about author and fisher, Sarah Drummond featuring images I’d taken of her and her dog Selkie at their remote hideaway in early autumn. I had driven home thinking about Sarah, completely at home in the elements…in her element, content in the isolation that others might consider to be desolation. I returned for another visit over winter really wanting to capture more of that. As I pulled up at Sarah’s door, the dark skies started to brighten and we were treated to the most beautiful late afternoon light that was entirely unexpected, and completely perfect for photos out on the inlet. Afterwards, as we’d done the last time, we cooked by candlelight and sat outside, rugged up against the elements, sharing a bottle (or two of wine) and talking. This time around though we were joined by our mutual friend Jo who we both love to bits and don’t see nearly as often as we’d like. At first light the following morning, I crept out with my camera and Selkie to keep me company, and discovered a world that extended no further than the rocky outcrop 20 metres from the shore of the inlet. As Jo and Sarah wondered out to greet the day, the heavy fog was slowly becoming mist as the sun tried to break through, and before long it turned into one of nature’s magical moments as a white rainbow formed in the mist and very gradually took on its colours as the minutes passed.

Sarah’s last book, Salt Story, received critical acclaim and her new book, The Sound, has just been launched. You can check out Sarah’s website and blog here –

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August 3, 2016 - 1:43 PM

Jane Kelsbie - Beautiful images Nic; emotive. xx

December 11, 2016 - 12:02 PM

Dawn - Wow… these are absolutely stunning Nic, stunning.

Northwest Holiday 2016 – show ‘n’ tell



Warroora-Nic-Duncan-029Warroora-Nic-Duncan-036Warroora-Nic-Duncan-030Warroora-Nic-Duncan-031Warroora-Nic-Duncan-033Warroora-Nic-Duncan-034Warroora-Nic-Duncan-035Warroora-Nic-Duncan-037Warroora-Nic-Duncan-038Warroora-Nic-Duncan-039Warroora-Nic-Duncan-040Warroora-Nic-Duncan-042Warroora-Nic-Duncan-043Warroora-Nic-Duncan-044Warroora-Nic-Duncan-045Warroora-Nic-Duncan-046Warroora-Nic-Duncan-047Warroora-Nic-Duncan-048Warroora-Nic-Duncan-049Warroora-Nic-Duncan-050Warroora-Nic-Duncan-051Warroora-Nic-Duncan-052Warroora-Nic-Duncan-053Warroora-Nic-Duncan-054Warroora-Nic-Duncan-055Warroora-Nic-Duncan-056Warroora-Nic_Duncan-0771Warroora-Nic-Duncan-058Warroora-Nic-Duncan-059Warroora-Nic-Duncan-060Warroora-Nic-Duncan-061Warroora-Nic-Duncan-062Warroora-Nic-Duncan-063Warroora-Nic-Duncan-064Warroora-Nic-Duncan-065Warroora-Nic-Duncan-069Warroora-Nic-Duncan-067Warroora-Nic-Duncan-068Warroora-Nic-Duncan-070Warroora-Nic-Duncan-071Warroora-Nic-Duncan-072Warroora-Nic-Duncan-073Once again this winter, we escaped the south coast and headed north to the warmer weather. This is my Happy Place 🙂 It’s the opportunity to strip everything back to basics, live your days without any real sense of time, cook over the fire, wash in the ocean and simply stop. Over the last nine or ten years I’ve taken thousands of photos here (including family portraits for the station owner – some of this year’s are featured here) and each year I try to photograph it differently. This year I tried to capture how being there makes me feel…which might go someway to explain the movement and soft focus which seems to be a recurring theme!

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July 28, 2016 - 8:47 PM

Jen Barter - Really achieved your goal Nic… Very emotive x

July 29, 2016 - 11:50 AM

Laura Egan - Wow wow beautiful. Takes me up there in spirit x

Becky & Royston {Denmark wedding}


Becky and Royston’s love story began at a Perth bus stop…they got chatting, sat together on the bus, both missed their stops, and then continued talking at the train station for the rest of the evening. Each went home knowing they’d just met someone who would change their life. As I’ve sat at my computer working on their wedding images the Lamb song “Gorecki” has been playing in my head – Becky and Roy are meant to be. All day tears of joy were only ever a moment, a gesture, a look, or a little love note away – their happiness was overflowing through their eyes and it was infectious! Emotions were truly laid bare and it was beautiful to be a part of something so special.

Becky and Roy and all their guests stayed at Tree Elle Retreat and that’s also where the ceremony and reception took place; Maggie Anderson was the celebrant; Becky’s dress was from Bridal by Aubrey Rose, and her flowers, including her beautiful headpiece were by Lush Floral Design; Royston’s outfit was from mainly from Politix; Paolo of Zoo Food travelled from Perth to take care of the catering and the GF wedding cake; Hair and make-up by Becky, her best friends and her Mum; styling was by Becky, and her lovely friend Rikki of Design A Day took care of the wedding planning; Hire in Style supplied the marquee and furniture…and Becky’s Mum Lorraine supplied the tissues for the ceremony. Oh, and a special shout-out to the wonderful Gertrude WellEase who had very kindly lent me an old brown suitcase full of very cool spectacles for the school ball photo booth a couple of nights early, which happened to still be in my car!

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May 19, 2016 - 5:14 PM

christine.dawson - Oh so lovely. Better than a fairy tale. I was crying looking at the love that flowed between them. What a marvelous wedding. What a proud mum and organizer you are Lorraine.

May 27, 2016 - 11:38 AM

harry Jackson - There are some stunning photographs in here Nic, thank you very much, Some of them look like oil paintings and remind me of Edwardian pictures and Colonial style landscape paintings. I connect to the Edwardian style poses and fairy- like photographs of Becky in the trees.

Rebecca looks really beautiful, they look a beautiful couple, you have captured both their personalities and constructed lovely images in the process.

Love your work, but I love my daughter more :)

I may be biased as a Dad, but you should win more awards for some of these works of Art, calling them Photographs is not enough.

Thanks again,


Breath {portraits}


What a buzz it was to wake up to messages on Tuesday morning telling me my photo was on the cover of The West (and featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, SBS, Forbes and Variety as well as the official Breath website and Facebook page amongst others). Simon Baker’s Sando with Loonie and Pikelet at the start of the filming of Tim Winton‘s Breath here in Denmark. Exciting times for this wee town 🙂

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