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Brave New Works #17 – North of Us

Over the last few weeks I’ve been designing the program layout and  taking photographs of all the various arts projects being prepared for our town’s annual Brave New Works festival which takes place here in Denmark, WA every Easter. I’m also one of the 11 Denmark artists venturing up to Lake Grace on Friday for the North of Us project…as well as my photographic input, there’s 3 visual artists, a sculptor, 2 writers, and 4 musicians who’ll be setting up camp on the outskirts of town for 8 days.

We went up there at the end of last year for a bit of a recce. It’s a small town in the wheatbelt surrounded by numerous salt lakes which I’m sure will feature prominently in whatever we create whilst we’re there. We arrived at the end of their month-long arts festival and were blown away by the way a town of only 600 people could have such a vibrant arts scene.

This year's BNW program cover - artwork by the very lovely Nikki Green. Plus the page featuring our North of Us project

Photograph for the Quiet Longings project

The intrepid Zac Launay

Lake Grace itself (taken when we went up there on our recce) - a huge expanse of not very much...

...except a few kangaroo prints criss-crossing the salt

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March 10, 2010 - 7:35 AM

Jennifer Barter - ooh so much wonderful potential in those wheatbelt towns….and those closer to the coast too!

March 11, 2010 - 2:28 AM

Nic - See you when we get back 🙂

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